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100 Days Left!

As of this morning, there are only 100 more days until the big marathon day! I haven’t missed a workout yet, and I’m feeling great so far, mentally and physically (with only that minor freak-out from the IT band in week 2). As it gets colder and the miles get longer, I hope I can keep up this optimism for as long as possible!

In celebration, tonight I am having a relaxing “me” night! I had a delicious dinner with a great friend from high school, now I’m all PJ’ed, drinking some tea (that my roommate got me) using the sweet spoon defuser (that my other roommate got me), going to do some reading from a book my brother got me for Christmas, and listen to some classical music.

Nice and relaxing night!

Wahoo for no work tomorrow! I’ll be getting ready for New Year’s Eve and my 11 mile run on Saturday. I’ll catch you all up on the week after my long run!