I would say I get 99.9% of my running information from Runner’s World – this website is amazing and it has so much great information, not to mention I also get the magazine in the mail each month, so I always have lots of information close at hand!

Marathon-specific articles:

  • What’s The Best Way To Train For A Marathon?: “Tricky question. There isn’t one right marathon training plan. But these principles help you figure out what works–for you.”
  • Pick Your Perfect Marathon Pace: “Here are three ways to choose a realistic marathon time goal, which will help you decide how fast to train and how fast to run on race day.”
  • Run Your Best 26.2 Miler: “Here’s everything you need to know to prepare for – and complete your best 26.2 miler.”
  • The Monster Month: “If you’re running a marathon or half-marathon this fall, you’re about to enter the most critical–and difficult–four weeks of training. It’s time to train smart.”
  • Marathon Smarts: “Because a little knowledge can go a long way, we asked seven Ph.D. marathoners to give us their best, most scientific race-day tips. Don’t race without them.”
  • Special Report: Are Marathons Dangerous?: “If running is so good for you, why do people drop dead during marathons every year? A lifelong runner, with help from the experts, finds the encouraging truth behind the scary headlines.”

With one month left till the marathon:

  • 26 Tips for Your Best 26.2: “With a month to go before a marathon, you enter the most critical phase of training. Here is everything you need to know.”
  • It’s Taper Time: “The final 3 weeks are the most important in any marathon-training program. Here’s everything you need to know and do leading up to race day.”
  • Your Best Marathon Ever: “You’ve run hundreds of miles in training, you’ve tapered well, and now it’s race day. You’re on the starting line and you’re thinking…what have I gotten myself into? Not to fear. Here’s the plan.”

What to do after the marathon:

  • After The Marathon: “You’re fit but finished. Here’s how to beat post-race blues.”
  • Structured Recovery: “Here’s how to ensure you don’t do too much too soon after a marathon.”

Other articles and tools:

  • Injured During Marathon Training? Don’t Panic, Adjust Your Schedule: “In an ideal running world there would be no injuries. Unfortunately it’s not a perfect world and injuries do occur, some minor and some major.  But most running injuries don’t require long term recovery.”
  • Tools for Runners: Any calculations I need to do, I do on here. The ones I use the most are the pace calculator, finish time calculator, marathon pace band, SmartCoach, BMI calculator, body fat calculator, and the injury prevention section.
  • The 25 Golden Rules of Running: “You learned the golden rule back in grade school: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. But runners, being gluttons for instruction, need more than just one rule. Here, then, are 25 of the most universally accepted rules of running.”
  • Long-Run Survival: “Follow this routine to recover from long runs.”
  • Against the Wall: “How to avoid hitting the notorious roadblock—and strategies for coping if you do.”
  • Learn How To Stretch: “When runners take on a training program, they focus on building endurance and speed. Improving their flexibility never seems to make it into the game plan. Yet, a flexible body is more efficient, sees more gains in strength and endurance, enjoys more range of motion, is less injury-prone, recovers more quickly, and simply feels better.”
  • Winter Advisory: “How to make cold-weather runs safe–and even fun.”
  • The Pack Rules: Eating and Drinking: “Essential advice from runners and readers.”

Some extras just for fun:

  • Map My Run: This website uses google maps and lets you map out your run or search for runs nearby. I use this before running so that I have a route planned. It’s also good to tell someone your route if you are going on a long run.
  • Running Clubs: Search to find a local running club near you.
  • Great resource for all sorts of information about a handful of different sports. I use it to search for races to run in.
  • Road ID: Stay safe while you’re out running, walking, or cycling by wearing a Road ID – it could save your life – I always wear mine if I am going to be running outside.
  • Mental Energy: “Tired and cranky? Ten simple ways to beat brain fatigue and run strong.”
  • It’s All Good: “More scientific proof that running keeps you healthy.”
  • List of non-professional marathon runners: Look at the list of what famous people have run marathons (and how fast they did it!)

So you want to start running? GREAT! Here are some resources I recommend for beginning runners:

  • Let’s Get Started: “Running has the power to change your life. It will make you fitter, healthier, even happier. Here’s all you need to know to get (and stay) on track to a brighter future.”
  • Running 101: “With our simple 10-week program for beginning runners, you’re sure to get off on the right foot and reach the finish line with high marks. So don’t wait another day. Get started now.”
  • Couch to 5k (C25K): I’ve had a lot of friends who have done this 9 week program and loved it.

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