About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Molly, I’m 24 years old, and I created this blog as a way to document my progress toward running my first full marathon on April 7, 2012 in Charlottesville, VA. The good news is that, I did it! Read my recap of the Charlottesville marathon here!

Here is a little bit about my background: I grew up playing sports – soccer, basketball, swimming, field hockey – but stopped in college, as I was kept busy with school work and friends. After graduating college in the spring of 2010 and starting a desk job, I knew I needed to create some goals – something to work toward and get myself off my butt.

I chose running for numerous reasons – here are just a few:

  • You don’t need much… equipment, experience, money… in order to be a runner!
  • Running is one of the bodies most basic movements. Anyone who wants to can run – regardless of age, sex, weight, or height.
  • The only person I’m competing against is myself – I chose my goals, my pace, my routes, my time
  • You can run pretty much anywhere and anytime – inside, outside, morning, night, snow, rain, sun, heat, tornado, whenever 🙂
  • It’s easy to track how far you’ve come by using measurable goals like race times
  • You can create a training plan and have races on your calendar to work toward – there is nothing greater to keep yourself accountable than knowing you’ve already signed up and paid
  • Endorphins! Enough said!

I started running in the summer of 2010, and I was way out of shape. Long gone were the days of high school field hockey two-a-day practices and timed runs and drills. I started slow and small. In November 2010, I did my first couple of 5k races. I was HOOKED immediately on the rush I got from these races. So in December 2010, I did an 8k. By the spring in March 2011, I did a 10 miler. Then a few months later, in May 2011, I did my first half marathon! And now, as of April 2012, I can officially cross another big race off my list – a full marathon.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experience before, during, and after the Charlottesville marathon 2012!

  1. Very good idea to set up this blog. I will enjoy checking on your progress. Mama loves you!!

  2. Molly, way to go. I am very proud of you and know you can complete the race. I hope to be able to watch on the big day. Love to you my granddaughter. Granddad Jim

  3. This is great Molly. We hope to be there to cheer you on in April. Poppy

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